XXXI Solid State Physics and Materials Science Conference, Thessaloniki, September 20-23, 2015
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The aim of this annual conference is to provide a forum for the discussion of current  experimental and theoretical issues in solid state physics & materials science. An important task of the conference is to encourage and promote interaction among  senior and junior scientists from the academia and research institutions.   To encourage young students’ participation three awards have been defined for high  quality work based on their posters or oral presentations. 
The topics that will be discussed include 1.    Photonics & optoelectronics (01) 2.    Structural, mechanical & optical properties of condensed matter (02) 3.    Electronic transport, semiconductors & devices (03) 4.    Magnetism, superconductivity & strongly corellated systems (04) 5.    Nanoscale, surface & interface science (05) 6.    Inhomogeneous materials, composite materials, polymers, biomaterials (06) 7.    Interdisciplinary solid state physics (07)
The Conference program includes plenary, keynote, invited and contributed talks as  well as poster presentations. A video projector & a laptop (PowerPoint ready) will be  available.  
T. Moustakas, USA Nitride Semiconductors: Physics and Applications
T. Anthopoulos, UK Low-Dimensional Charge-Transport Phenomena in Solution-Processed Metal Oxide Materials and Devices  P.-I Gouma, USA Polymorphic Metal Oxides-based Sensors for the Diagnostic Breathalyzer
C. Charitidis, Greece Carbon based composite structures and advanced tools for mechanical behaviour assessment E. Hristoforou, Greece Stress tensor distribution monitoring in steels using magnetic techniques D. Niarchos, Greece Manipulating heat: Improved thermoelectrics and thermal/electrical clocking N. Pelekanos, Greece Ultra-low threshold GaN polariton lasing at room temperature V. Pontikis, France Phase-Field Modeling of irradiation induced microstructures M. Sigalas, Greece Photonic materials and devices for sensors and solar cells C. Soukoulis, Greece & USA Broadband Terahertz Generation from Metamaterials and Optical Metamaterials Resonances with High Quality Factor U. Wiedwald, Germany Tuning Magnetism in Nanostructures by Interface Design
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